Youth Information

Youth Info offers a universal information service to all young people across County Wexford. For those with fewer opportunities, we outreach to target socially excluded groups and those experiencing isolation due to geographic location.

The service is available Monday to Friday and usually delivered in the afternoon and evenings.

Youth Info reaches young people through several social media platforms including, the National Chat Service, Facebook, Instagram, Phone, Website and Twitter providing reliable accurate and up to date information and reassuring young people that there is support available from our services and that they are connected.

In addition, Youth Info delivers and supports a number of programs including Info for Work, Info for Life, Employment Rights, Guardianship & Access, Teen Between, Driver Theory, World Day for Cultural Diversity, Suicide Awareness Day, Stand Up Week, and UPS Road Code.

How do you get in contact or involved?

Looking to join our youth programs or just looking to speak to some one? Get in contact by calling us on one of these numbers Or contact us through the form.

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