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    Cloister Area Youth Supports

    The Cloister Youth Cafe is a friendly, safe and inviting space for young people to come to be themselves while learning good life skills and making friends, we offer many different groups depending on the needs of the young people at the time.

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    WHO IS Cloister Youth Cafe FOR?

    The young people also set up the “Cloister Committee “which meets once a month and plans what they would like to do for the coming month, and they also think of new ideas for the groups. One brilliant idea that came for the cloister committee was the “buddy system “and this has worked so well in the last year.
    We have 4 young people who are on the buddy list, so when a new person arrives, for the next two sessions it is up to this young person to welcome, introduce and help the new young person feel part of the group from the moment they enter our space.

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    How do you get in contact or involved?

    Looking to join our youth programs or just looking to speak to some one? 

    Get in contact by calling or emailing us on one of these contacts or get in touch with us through the form.



    Phone: 053 9123262

    Mobile: 085 8056697

    Where to Find us?

    We are located at:
    Presentation Convent,
    Francis St,
    Slippery Green,

    Opening Times?

    Cloister Youth Cafe is a 3 day a week project.

    Tuesday: 3.00pm – 6.30pm

    Wednesday: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

    Thursday: 3.00pm – 7.30pm