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    What is FDYS Enniscorthy?

    Why is it there?

    Who is it for?

    Where is it based?

    When is it open?

    How do you get in contact or involved?

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    Pilar Loring

    Paula Kelly

    Nicola Freeman

    Mary Furlong

    John Carbery

    Enniscorthy Area Youth Supports

    ECYP offers young people a safe and welcoming space in Enniscorthy where they can hang out, have fun, learn new things, meet new friends and have their voices heard.

    ECYP run programmes and afterschool groups that are youth friendly and youth centred, varied and ensure young people are supported whilst providing informal education around topics of interest to them. Each programme and support aims to assist young people to grow and develop, reach their full potential, empowering them and building their confidence.

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    We work with young people aged 11 to 25 years of age.
    Activities include drop-ins and youth cafes, games, cooking, music, arts & crafts, STEAM, sports, outings, and any ideas that young people would like to do. Our youth groups and activities run Monday to Saturday, afternoons and evenings. Groups and activities are age appropriate, scheduled to suit young people’s interests, needs and wishes, and they may change during the year to accommodate them.

    We also offer one-to-one support for those needing extra help and conversations in a safe space.

    Our activities and programmes include:

    Youth Café and Youth Groups

    Music Box: a creative music space for young people to explore and showcase their talents.

    Tea & Talk on Saturdays: a relaxed, safe space for young people to talk freely without judgement in a space that is friendly and supportive.

    LGBTIQ+ support group

    Equality and cultural diversity projects.

    STEAM lab

    And many more!

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    How do you get in contact or involved?

    Looking to join our youth programs or just looking to speak to some one? 

    Get in contact by calling us on one of these numbers Or contact us through the form.

    Island Rd, Enniscorthy
    Phone: 053 9234574.

    Pilar Loring,
    Phone: 087 781 7059
    Email: pilar.loring@fdys.ie;

    Paula Kelly
    Phone: 089 481 3144
    Email: paula.kelly@fdys.ie;

    Nicola Freeman
    Phone: 086 069 5213
    Email: Nicola.freeman@fdys.ie

    Mary Furlong,
    Phone: 083 118 3731
    Email: Mary.furlong@fdys.ie

    John Carbery
    Email: john.carberry@fdys.ie

    Where to Find us?

    We are located at:
    FDYS Enniscorthy,
    Island Road,
    County Wexford

    Opening Times?

    Monday: 8:45am – 9pm

    Tuesday: 8:45am – 9pm

    Wednesday: 8:45am – 9pm

    Thursday: 8:45am – 9pm

    Friday: 8:45am – 9pm

    Saturday: 12pm – 3pm