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Why is it there?

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Debbie Roche

Eimar McMahon

Kris McGuire

Coolcotts Area Youth Supports

Core Work:

We engage with young people through Youth Led activities and programmes including Youth Cafés, Detached Youth Work, Interproject Activities, Outdoor Activities and One-to-One Supports.


Geographical Areas Covered:

Belvedere Grove, Ashfield Drive, Ferndale Park and the Surrounding Coolcotts Areas.

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Festival of Light 1st of February

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Coolcotts Youth Project opens four evenings per week, from Monday to Thursday, and on one Saturday per month for extra-curricular activities.
We work with young people aged 12 – 25 years in small structured groups after school hours.
Times of activities change during school holidays to cater to the young people’s needs.

Some of the activities we run during the year:

  • Coolcotts TAG committee.
  • STEAM Workshops.
  • Summer activities. Throughout the summer young people enjoys various fun activities including Outdoor Bingo, Pride in the Park, Multicultural Week, water fights, Community BBQ, End of Summer Dining out trip.
  • Podcasts
  • Halloween & Christmas Movie Nights

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How do you get in contact or involved?

Looking to join our youth programs or just looking to speak to some one? 

Get in contact by calling or emailing us on one of these contacts or get in touch with us through the form.

Debbie Roche – debbie.roche@fdys.ie
Eimear McMahon -eimear.mcmahon@fdys.ie
Kris McGuire – kris.mcguire@fdys.ie
Project Mobile: 085-1080336

Where to Find us?

We are located at:
FDYS Coolcotts,
Ferndale Park,

Opening Times?

Monday (by appointment )

Tuesday: 1pm – 9pm

Wednesday: 1pm – 9.30pm

Thursday: 9pm – 5pm

Friday: 1pm – 6pm

Saturday: 12pm – 3pm