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FDYS LGBT+ youth support is a safe, inclusive, non-judgemental and welcoming environment for young people to connect with each other and be their true, authentic selves. Young LGBT+ people who are in, out, questioning or who are just figuring it all out are invited to come to have a cuppa once a week to chat, hang out and create some amazing LGBT+ projects. We always work towards making change on matters that are important to them, where their voices are heard and where a listening ear is always available, free from any judgement. No young person ever has to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity if they are not comfortable and all young people are respectful, understanding and welcoming to any new young people that join. We always get particularly busy at this time of year preparing for all things PRIDE, planning awesome activities and getting creative.

Also, if a young person wants to speak to a youth worker on a one-to one basis, they are more than welcome. Some young people like to avail of this if they want to chat about things going on for them that they do not want to discuss in a larger group or if they want to get to know the youth workers before coming into the larger group space. Above all, it’s an LGBT+ safe space where ALL the fun is had!

Groups running in Wexford, Enniscorthy and Bridgetown.

How do you get in contact or involved?

Looking to join our youth programs or just looking to speak to some one? Get in contact by calling us on one of these numbers Or contact us through the form.

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