Testimonial (FDYS Coolcotts)

My name is Michelle Flood and I am a 3rd year student studying applied social studies at Carlow IT Wexford Campus. For the past 12 weeks I have completed my work placement at the FDYS in Coolcotts.

The Induction, Training, learning opportunities and support I have received from The FDYS and their staff throughout the course of my placement has been truly fantastic. From the very first day FDYS staff in Coolcotts made me feel like part of the team and treated me as their equal.  I was encouraged to freely put forward my ideas and suggestions and was afforded the opportunity, to plan and facilitate activities and programmes with staff supervision and support.  This opportunity has helped me to develop my professional skills and has greatly benefited my learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Debbie, Gemma and Eimear for their ongoing support and encouragement, and for making me feel so included and welcome during my time in the Coolcotts Youth project.  While on placement I got to see firsthand their abilities to create a fun, warm and welcoming atmosphere for the young people and their dedication to helping young people reach their full potentials.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Debbie my supervisor for all the time and dedication she has put into my supervision.  The ongoing supervision I have received has helped me to gain confidence in my own abilities, expand my skill set and build resilience as a future social care practitioner. Thank you for your support, and words of wisdom.

Most importantly I would like to thank the young people I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 12 weeks. The young people in the FDYS (Coolcotts) were so welcoming and respectful of me during my placement. I have learned so much from them and they have made my time on placement highly entertaining and enjoyable. I would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Michelle Flood 3rd year student Carlow IT Wexford campus

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My Student Placement in the FDYS, Francis Street, Wexford!

My name is Emma and I have just completed my third year in Applied Social Studies in Professional Social Care in Wexford Campus, IT Carlow. A huge component of the course is to complete student placement for a duration of 400 hours in second and third year. This year I decided I wanted to challenge myself and work in an area I previously had no experience with. From the moment I was interviewed I knew I would love it! Working with youth groups of various ages, each with their own unique and wonderful personalities and talents was the experience of a lifetime and one I will be eternally grateful for. I have learned tools for life that I can apply to any job and established a great relationship with each group that attend the FDYS.

Prior to commencing my time here, I was incredibly nervous, it was an area I had never considered delving into, I was unsure of what area of social care I wanted to have a career in despite proceeding to my final year of college. Working as part of a fantastic team of youth workers, I now know for sure that youth work is what I aspire to do. The diversity and variety of services offered by the organisation, from the music group, to the drop-in Youth Café, means that you will never be bored. There is a very good induction programme when beginning placement where I got a very detailed introduction to the organisation and takes a huge amount of time to deliver so to all those involved, thank you for that. Also, another challenge in social care and a topic that has been considered at length is the risk of burn-out for workers as the nature of the work sometimes hinders the possibility for supervision and support. However being on student placement here has proved that assumption wrong. The ongoing support and kindness displayed by each worker from day one ensured I was always comfortable.

I am one of the lucky people that got to experience the FDYS, and I cannot thank everyone enough. Each and every young person I have engaged with has made me realise that doing this degree is worth every second. The staff were incredible. They welcomed me and ensured I got the learning and training required to be a youth worker. It is the most open and comfortable environment I have ever worked in and I am so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and took a chance, despite my worries and concerns. I would like to thank every staff member for being so lovely and helpful, they make the FDYS what it is and there was not a day that went by that I did not enjoy here because of them. And I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Carolyn, my supervisor. Carolyn has taught me more things than a classroom ever could. Her determination and willingness to support me throughout this experience ensured that I got the best from my time here and I will never be able to thank her enough. Her knowledge and skills are tools that I will use for life, in any setting, thank you so much Carolyn.

To the young people I have had the pleasure of meeting, every single one of you are wonderful and unique and will all go incredibly far in life. Ye are all smart, kind and talented. You have made my experience here so enjoyable. Thank you so much J J J

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Student Placement

You have all had a great influence on our children and have helped to give them a good foundation so they can grow and develop in the future.  It was great to know they were in a safe and happy environment every day.

Thanks for everything

Thomas, Saoirse, Dathi, Cora and Siofra.

Thank You

When thinking of where to go on placement in second year, I knew where I did not want to go. I decided to try the FDYS as I had never really worked with teens before. Having completed my placement now, I have asked to stay on as a volunteer. I really enjoyed my time here and have learned so much. Both the staff and the young people made me very welcome.

The Youth Work service is, in my opinion, a very under-appreciated and under-funded sector of social care. It is, however, vitally important to the young people who use it. It is a safe space where a huge amount of learning takes place in a relaxed and caring environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at the FDYS who answered any questions I had and gave me a comprehensive experience of youth work. I would also like to thank the young people who welcomed me and accepted me without question and made my placement here fantastic.



Sam Freegrove 2nd Year Applied Social Studies Placement Student IT Carlow Wexford Campus

I am a second year social care student, who completed my placement at the FDYS. It really enjoyed it and learned so much from all the youth workers while building my confidence as a professional, I got to work in different sectors of the service and got a feel for different aspects of youth work. The workers are so friendly and extremely welcoming and the young people are a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend doing placement at the FDYS.


Kelly Walsh 2nd Year Applied Social Studies Placement Student IT Carlow, Wexford Campus

” to all the Staff of the Junglebox

Thank you so much for looking after Pippa for the last year. She was really happy going in everyday and learning a huge amount. All the best.” – Jean and Barry

Jean & Barry

“Thank you all so much for all your hard work this year. Ollie love Montessori, you helped him to become motivated and interested in learning which is no easy task!” – Michelle Connor and Ollie


” I would like to thank you for that year of education. i have learnt a lot through this time and i know that all that knowledge will benefit me in the future.” Ola


” Thank you all so much Noah has loved his afternoons with ye, so much so that he doesn’t want to graduate but wants to come back and do it again next year.”

Noah’s Parents

to All the Staff @ The Junglebox

“Just want to say thank you for looking after my sunshine over the last few months. the support my little family has gotten is unbelievable” Bekki

Bekki & Paul