FDYS is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees and everyone involved with or visiting our premises.

FDYS will endeavour at all times to ensure all areas are safe. We aim to protect our employees and visitors to our premises from work place accidents. This is our programme in writing to manage health and safety in FDYS.

FDYS regards it as important, within reason, to use whatever resources are needed to improve the safety for our staff and visitors. We in turn would appreciate and expect a level of co-operation to enable us to adhere to whatever procedures are in place regarding health and safety. For example, visitors are asked to co-operate with a Fire Drill, and staff to follow office procedures and common sense, to prevent where possible accidents in our work place.

We recognise that emergencies occur in the form of fire. Our emergency plan in event of fire is displayed and we ask everyone to co-operate fully in the event of an occurrence.

In the event of an accident happening in FDYS, it must be reported to a Manager or C.E. Supervisor or any other member of staff or management and entered into the Accident Report Book, so it can be dealt with properly. We would expect full details to be provided and that any witnesses brought forth in relation to the incident would give a signed comprehensive statement.

Management and C.E. Supervisors can be approached or contacted where an individual feels proper precautions are not being implemented. All suggestions for improvements will be considered.

While FDYS will do all in their power to provide a healthy and safe environment, no procedure is 100% foolproof. Therefore, it is incumbent on everyone entering our doors to take care of their own safety.

Click here to read FDYS Health and Safety Policy, Emergency and First Aid Procedures Policy, (extract from the FDYS Employee Handbook)

Short Guide to Safety and Health Management