Corporate pages are relatively standard pages. They can have text, image, lists, etc. etc. And can contain anything else that you may want on these pages of a corporate nature. i.e. not something that the youths visiting the site may want to see.

A sense of belonging is important. Where do I fit in? Who do I relate to? Who is there for me when I need someone? Who are my friends? Who needs me? These are all very important questions in terms of our place in society, our place in the parish or our place in the Community. We all need to be needed and also need to know where we fit in today’s busy world.

The Youth, Community and Childcare Programmes that we offer answer some of these important questions. They provide our young people with a place to be, with a support network, with a chance to make friends, to socialise and to feel an active member of society. Without our trained and experienced team of employees and volunteers this important work could not happen. There would be nowhere for our young people to fit in, nowhere for their parents to feel supported and heard, nowhere for young people to relate to eachother, nowhere to make friends or nowhere to seek support. This is a great responsibility that we willingly fulfil, congratulations to all involved and, more importantly, thank you.

We have had an exceptional year for our youth clubs in FDYS. Valuable recruitment and training of our volunteer team continued. We hosted the 2013 National Sports and variety programmes to great acclaim, again a massive thanks to all involved for making this honour a reality. We again represented County Wexford in national events and made our County proud, we had a series of very successful sports, variety and social events where our young people could meet, greet, compete and more importantly have fun.

I thank our Voluntary Board of Directors, my colleagues in FDYS, our young people and our Voluntary Leaders. We all contribute greatly to making FDYS one of the greatest youth organisations in the country and to improving the lives of the young people we serve.

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