Our community support programme primarily targets minority communities such as Travellers and the Roma Community.  These programmes have a significant health promotion objective and use a community development approach to increasing the capacities of these groups.

The Traveller Health has a countywide remit and provides a suite of services including information and assistance with form filling.  It also focuses on men’s health and runs a number of projects addressing this area.

Contact: Francis Street Wexford,

Tel; 053 9123262/0858011895

Roma Community Inclusion Programme is one of FDYS’s social inclusion programmes and is formed by 5 projects:

⦁    Roma Health Advocacy Project: the aim of the Wexford Roma Health Advocacy Project is to:

–  support access to health information, health services and other social services as well as

– facilitating the development of health initiatives / programmes in response to health needs,

– providing personal advocacy supports to Roma,

– supporting Roma participation and representation on health-related groups and in policy making fora.

This project is funded by HSE Social Inclusion South East Community Healthcare.


Staff: Laurentiu Ion, 0858581207,  laurentiu.ion@fdys.ie

Mona – 0860570612 / mona.fusteac@fdys.ie


⦁    Roma Equality Project: this project is funded by Department of Justice and Equality and its aim is to:

–  work with the Roma Community in Co. Wexford in identifying and addressing needs in area of:

+ education,

+ employment,

+ cultural identity

+ youth work

+ accessing social services

+ further development of Roma Community Inclusion Programme

– and to support the Roma Community in accessing social services and to work towards equality and inclusion within wider society.


Staff: Alex Petrovics – 0860224242 / alex.petrovics@fdys.ie

⦁    Roma Employment Project: this project is funded by Department of Justice and Equality and its aim is to work with the Roma Community in Co. Wexford in area of employment and education and training that leads to paid employment.

This project is also working with Roma in County Carlow in addressing wider needs.


Staff: Liliana: 086 464 5640 / liliana.brennan@fdys.ie


⦁    Roma Women’s Group: this project is funded by Tusla – Child and Family Agency and its aim is to work with Roma Women in Enniscorthy with a focus on:

– healthy relationships,

– gender equality,

– linkage with Wexford Women’s Refuge, Tusla Welfare and Protection Services and

– awareness of Domestic Violence.


Staff: Mona – 086 057 0612 / mona.fusteac@fdys.ie


⦁    Roma Education Project: this project is funded by the Department of Justice and Equality and its focus is to help Roma young people to remain education and to make the transition from primary to secondary education. This is a pilot project and one of four National pilot sites.


Staff: Emma – 086 785 3708 / emma.plesca@fdys.ie


How we work with the Roma Community?


The Roma Community Inclusion Project is delivering services and activities based on community needs and in line with National and European policies and Strategies.  In particular, the work of the project is informed by:

⦁    The Roma in Ireland National Needs Assessment (2018)

⦁    The National Traveller Roma Inclusion Strategy (2017-2021)

⦁    The South East Regional Intercultural Health Strategy (2018-2023)

Consultation with Roma in Enniscorthy takes places every quarter with approx. 40-50 persons attending Roma Community meetings during which community needs are discussed.

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