Our community support programme primarily targets minority communities such as Travellers and the Roma Community.  These programmes have a significant health promotion objective and use a community development approach to increasing the capacities of these groups.

The Traveller Health has a countywide remit and provides a suite of services including information and assistance with form filling.  It also focuses on men’s health and runs a number of projects addressing this area.

Contact: Francis Street Wexford,

Tel; 053 9123262/0858011895

The Roma Project is countywide and is based in Enniscorthy. It has two main sections


Iit’s aim is to facilitate the development of health initiatives/programmes in response to health needs, to provide health advocacy supports to Roma, to assist with translation and interpretation when appropriate, to support Roma participation and representation on health related fora and where appropriate to participate in training relevant to the post.
CONTACT: Alexandru Petrovici – alexog.petrovici@fdys.ie 0858581207
Daiana Fusteac – mona.fusteac@fdys.ie

Area covered: Co. Wexford, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

The aim is to support, collective and individually, the Roma members of the community to identify and address needs in areas of:

– Education and training
– Employment
– Inclusion in Irish society
– Advocacy and accessing services
– Gender equality and LGBTIQ
– Health and wellbeing
– Cultural identity
– Discrimination, racism and xenophobia

The Roma Equality Project Co-ordinate work, services, activities and programmes to address the needs of the Roma community as they continue to be identified.
The Roma Equality Project work in collaboration with other FDYS services in a person-centred, community development approach and integrated services model, to maximise resources and address needs effectively and efficiently, also work with other external agencies and groups based in the community and will link with relevant agencies at national and European level.

CONTACT: Alex Petrovics alex.petrovics@fdys.ie

Area covered : Co. Wexford, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

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